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A way to immerse in the French culture is by taking part or watching their cultural and traditional festivals. There are many festivals and events celebrated in Calais and nearby towns. On this page, we have listed significant festivals celebrated in Calais.

Calais Christmas Market

Calais Christmas Market is held in mid-December every year. More than 100 stands display various artefacts and local dishes such as Saint Nicolas biscuits. The market is decorated with sparkling lights to attract visitors.

Boulogne Christmas Market

Held before the actual arrival of Christmas, Boulogne Christmas Market takes place at Vielle Boulogne, situated at 36km (22 miles) from Calais. The market with sparkling lights is filled with stalls selling cheese, sausages, arts and crafts, and gifts articles. A band playing lively and festive music is a top attraction.

FĂȘte de la Dinde (Turkey Festival)

The turkeys of Licques are famous in France, and before slaughtering them for Thanksgiving, they are paraded through the town with an award for the best bird. The town also produces a peculiar alcoholic drink called 'Licquoise' from which the city derives its name. This liqueur is offered to the visitors before the turkey parade. All this happens on a Sunday morning.

Christmas Shop Window Contest

When it's Christmas in Calais, shopaholics live their shopping dreams. Shopkeepers try to attract customers to their stores by participating in the Best Christmas Shop Window Contest. They decorate their shops with snowflakes, Santas, and good fancy displays.

Calais Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade in Calais starts with Father Christmas on his reindeer-driven sleigh, roaming around the main streets of Calais. The Parade runs through the main streets in the afternoon and ends in the evening.